From cheese graters to sex toys: The rise of an adult goods empire

As an ex-founder herself, MJ works to help first-time female founders; 22% of the companies she has worked with in the last year had a female founder or co-founder. She also mentors first-time founders through incubator programmes such as Velocity, Ministry of Awesome and CreativeHQ. Lawyer Denise Arnold founded the Cambodia Charitable Trust in 2007 after reading about the horrific level of poverty, child sex trafficking and slavery in Cambodia. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced Denise and the trust to shift focus over the past 12 months, raising funds to provide families with rice, and 157 schools with stationery to support children to learn from home while their schools are closed.
In total, under Anna’s leadership during 2020, ZURU produced the best selling Outdoor Toy and best selling Explorative Toy in the world with Bunch O Balloons and 5 Surprise Mini Brands. ZURU’s annual sales are over $1b billion and growing. In 2020, Anthea highlighted the issue of fast fashion by creating recycled plastic huia feather earrings; the raw material for the earrings is 3D printer waste sourced from a collaboration with Tūranga Christchurch Library. The earrings were worn by Jacinda Ardern during a televised statement, resulting in a 140,000% increase in demand. Anthea’s decision to only ship domestically gave her the platform to discuss the huia’s extinction due to international demand for its feathers.
Founded in 2002, Lovehoney is a multi award-winning manufacturer and distributor of sex toys worldwide and the largest online retailer of sex toys in the UK. At Lovehoney, we go the extra inch to design and develop products that your customers will love. We’re proud to offer our trade customers the same level of fantastic customer support that our retail customers enjoy. Lovehoney has operations in Bath, Brisbane, Atlanta and Hong Kong for fast distribution to Europe, Australia, USA, Canada, South America and Asia. ‘Apparently ‘cyberdildonics’ are set to be the next big thing in sex toys, allowing you to share ‘sensations’ across the internet,’ Joe Bursell of Pen Test partners said at the time.
In boys, poor social development and communication skills may manifest themselves as aggressive or antisocial behaviour. There also may be lack of integration with other children. Alternately there may be excessive, dysfunctional and otherwise problematic interactions from a child who wants to have friends but doesn’t know how to make or keep them. Early recognition leading to referral for assessment in childhood is usually based on problem behaviour, abnormal social functioning or due to co-morbidities such as ADHD and dyslexia leading to academic problems.
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Generational data suggests the Silent Generation and Baby Boomers have more quickies. They are more likely than any other generation to have sex for less than 5 minutes. “Even if adult store is what you’d consider “good” you can make it great. Toys are a great way of adding fun to the bedroom and switching up your routine. Spontaneity is great for bringing excitement into the bedroom.”
Lauren Gurrieri does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. Yet, Robbie Brenner, executive producer of Mattel Films, has explicitly stated that Gerwig’s Barbie is “not a feminist movie”. Indeed, the main character still represents a narrow beauty standard – tall, thin, blonde, white – with diverse characters in place to support her narrative.
And a range of bean-filled plush toys called Cats vs Pickles is also high on the list thanks to a viral YouTube series. Softer shades of reds and oranges are warming and can help with circulation and energy levels. Peaches, apricots, warm tans, terracottas and pinks can also be used for this purpose. Reflecting on the past and thoughts of a spiritual future can also be reflected in colour choices. Soft blues, lavender mauves and violets are colours that connect to the spiritual or reflective mood. It is interesting to note that blue rinsed hair tints and lavender water are the province of the elderly lady.
Te Whatu Ora reports on how many people have died of COVID-19 and deaths related to COVID-19. Barbie the film is simply the next step in an evolution to make brand Barbie inclusive. And with a rumoured film budget of $100 million, the supporting marketing machine provides a critical opportunity to reset the Barbie narrative. In response to this backlash, Mattel launched a new range of Barbies in 2016 that were promoted as diverse, representing different body shapes, sizes, hair types and skin tones.